Ethics Is A Key Enabler Of Business Sustainability, Economic Growth,

The BS Entrepreneurship Program is designed to take the students through various stages of blindsmagazine the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial process, the end-product of which would be a functioning enterprise. The program is designed to develop thought leaders with entrepreneurial spirit that can lead to the creation of new ventures within and outside existing enterprises. After completing the program, students would have designed, launched and managed their entrepreneurial ventures through the stages of ideation, networking, experimentation, execution, breakeven, growth, and investment. Students explore each of these stages through multiple courses using the project based learning approach. Graduates of this program will be job creators and not job-seekers, and would have the experience of coming out of the comfort zone, and to practice creativity, innovation and design with real projects, real entrepreneurs, and in real-life environments.

Your brand would need little introduction if you have a blog that’s offering advisory, knowledge and guidepromotion news in a unique voice. BizFest’19 The School of Business and Commerce held an event, BizFest’19 to give its students a chance to practically test their theoretical knowledge they had acquired during their courses. The business competition saw the students run successful stalls, serving food, games, custom made products and even swings.

Sbp Governor Dr Baqirs Term Will End Next Month

On the occasion, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that not only the business community and the government but also the people must work together to revive the sinking economy of Pakistan, as some recent political decisions have been taken. The business community cannot see any instability in the economic situation and must work with the government to improve it. Scientific Inquiry and Review is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary journal providing knowledge about the research updates in various fields of science that is published Quarterly. It is a source of authentic information for scientific personnel covering wide range of research aspects. The Journal of Art, mirrorheart Architecture and Built Environment is a double-blind, peer reviewed, bi-annual journal published by the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Management and Technology , Lahore, Pakistan.

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This Journal aims to promote interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches and the role of collaboration in education; bridging the gap between research of design, technologies and industry. The journal’s mission is to bring novel, significant, enduring, and advance research of prime importance to health practitioners, researchers and medical experts that addresses challenging questions in health and medical disciplines. LPR is an international open-access Bi-annual journal launched in 2020 by the School of Law and Policy, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. It not only entertains pieces that are exclusively on law and policy, but also pieces that are interdisciplinary in nature. The aim is to not only provide a platform for discussing and analyzing Pakistan and global matters but also to promote quality research in Pakistani legal academia. BioScientific Review is an open-access peer-reviewed journal published on a quarterly basis.

Journal of Applied Research and Multidisciplinary Studies is an open access, bi-annual, double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by the School of Professional Advancement, University of Management and Technology , Lahore, Pakistan. Linguistics and Literature Review is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by the University of Management and Technology a leading university in Pakistan. Various international indexing and abstracting agencies cite the journal. dailymagazineworld Speaking at the conference, prominent philanthropist and founder of Akhuwat, Dr. Amjad Saqib emphasized that entrepreneurs play a crucial role in every society and business without ethics is simply an insult to public trust and counter to our universal values. Whereas the decision of the FSC has brought concerns to the business community, which made veiled statements welcoming the move, but added that they could not see any alternative to the existing system of economic, banking, and monetary transactions. A business blog is also a fantastic way to give a voice and a face to your brand.

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The rapid pace of urbanization in the global south has presented planning professionals globaltechbrand with unique challenges. Often, local governments lack adequate own source revenue that limits their ability to plan and deliver municipal infrastructure and services. IJURP aspires to become a valuable resource of scholarly and professional knowledge for engineers, economists, planners, and policymakers committed to improving development outcomes in the global south.

It provides a modern and multidisciplinary platform for free and fast publications broadly covering all aspects of life sciences. Research in the field of life sciences has grown at a bewildering pace during the last decade and BSR intends to publish momentous advances in all specialized areas of life sciences and bring them to light. Organization Theory Review is a double-blind peer-reviewed open access research journal published by the School of Professional Advancement, University of Management and Technology.

To sum up, at IBHM, you will get the education and acquire relevant, applicable, and employable skills in an academic environment that is driven by technology, research, and innovation. Together, we can create value for business and society by promoting and providing ethical and entrepreneurial leadership rooted in values of dignity, shared knowledge, diversity, and creativity. The findings of the study reveal the confirmatory pieces of evidence to validate the roots of supply chain ethics in Islamic business ethics. This paper provides systematic insights and a practical approach to the compatibility and applicability of Islamic business ethics into supply chain ethics in order to improve the overall performance of the supply chain. The similarities are being disclosed with a view to incorporate them into supply chain ethics for effective supply chain management to govern ethical decisions.